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Offshoring : Ditch the Dichotomy

New Zealand accountants are slowing but surely beginning to see the benefits of integrating a remote team into their firms. Many have experienced the benefits of outsourcing for a number of years with the proven Connect process. We talk to many Accountants in practice and most see the benefits of outsourcing but are just too[…..]

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Our presence at Republic Event in Wellington on 4th June, 2014

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Outsourcing : Dispelling a myth & becoming a legend

At a recent industry gathering while vibrantly highlighting our stand on Outsourcing and conversing with conference goers, it struck me that there continues to be consistent myths around outsourcing that need to be dispelled, so here I shall focus on one. The big one! ‘If I outsource I will have no work for my team[…..]

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How Two Accountants Found Their Happy Place

We all have ”woo hoo!” moments in our professional lives. Winning a new chunk of business. Avoiding a major expense. Earning praise from a customer. But in all my working life, I’ve never had two woo hoos in one day…until last Friday. It happened at Republic Day, where Connect Outsourcing had the privilege of being[…..]

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Outsourcing – Embrace the Fear and Begin the Journey

Outsourcing can’t be ignored. Let’s face it New Zealand have been outsourcing for years with non-core tasks like printing, design work, human resources to name a few. Technology, the internet and communication systems like Skype has changed the scape of doing businesses, outsourcing is no longer just accessible local, it’s global. The skill set and[…..]

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  • Ledger and fixed asset conversions to Xero
  • Annual financial reports
  • Tax returns
  • Work papers
  • GST returns
  • Business benchmarking


Now you can outsource the tedious task of converting data from MYOB and other accounting applications to Xero.

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