Faq | Connect Outsourcing


We understand that Outsourcing your compliance tasks is a big change for any accounting firm and not to be undertaken lightly. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the decision that’s right for your business.

Will sharing of client information be secure?

Connect’s stringent security protocols offer you peace of mind that your client’s information is secure. All your data will remain on your systems, and our staff can only access logins to client information from Connect-secured premises. We operate full antivirus software, and all our staff sign strict confidentiality agreements. We also have a physical security presence at premises both here and in India.

Who will be doing the offshore work?

The offshore team that provides our services includes more than 450 qualified accountants who have a thorough working knowledge of New Zealand’s financial reporting and tax compliance requirements, as well as commonly used software platforms such as Xero and MYOB. They work only for us, are well-rewarded, and operate like a seamless extension of your practice.

What are the qualifications of the offshore staff?

The team members who work on your accounting tasks will generally have a higher level of qualification than staff in most in-house compliance teams in New Zealand. Their qualifications and experience put them at ‘senior accountant’ level.

How can I be sure the quality will be up to scratch?

Connect’s thorough quality controls ensure consistent, high-quality outputs. Everything is double-checked before it reaches you.

What are the conditions like for the offshore workers?

Connect operates a modern office in India and is proud of its work standards and training. Staff turnover is low because working conditions are excellent, there are valuable career advancement opportunities, and we pay above award wages.

We do things a little differently in my firm – how would an offshore worker adjust?

We know that each accounting firm has slightly different processes and protocols that make up their unique culture. Connect already works with over 300 firms, so we’re very experienced in adapting to different cultures.

What will outsourcing mean for my existing staff?

Here at Connect we are staunch supporters of New Zealand employment and New Zealand employees. Outsourcing isn’t about replacing or firing your existing staff; it’s about giving your staff the space to focus on the real needs of both your clients and your business. The extra time that outsourcing will give your staff can be channelled into more high-end revenue-generating analysis and advisory work.

Freedom from the ongoing pressure of compliance work will also allow you to spend more time on upskilling and extended training of your team members, and provide them with opportunity to reflect upon their own personal growth within your business.

Will outsourcing work to India negatively affect my reputation? What will my clients think?

Industry experts agree that the outsourcing model is the future of accounting services. Your business is built on the relationship you have with your clients, and outsourcing your compliance tasks won’t change this relationship. Connect’s services free you up to focus on helping your clients to build their business, and most firms we work with tell us their clients are much happier as a result. It’s about providing an end product at the most affordable price and with the greatest value to the customers’ ongoing needs.

Will I be dealing with workers who don’t speak English?

There’s no language barrier to worry about, because our offshore account managers all speak excellent English.