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How Two Accountants Found Their Happy Place

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How Two Accountants Found Their Happy Place

We all have ”woo hoo!” moments in our professional lives. Winning a new chunk of business. Avoiding a major expense. Earning praise from a customer. But in all my working life, I’ve never had two woo hoos in one day…until last Friday.

It happened at Republic Day, where Connect Outsourcing had the privilege of being a major sponsor. Attending the event were 200 switched-on accountants and a few of them were clients of Connect. In case you don’t know what we do, Connect Outsourcing provides outsourced services for accounting firms.

Over the course of the day, directors from two firms we work with took me aside for a private talk. I don’t want to break any confidence, so I won’t say who they were, but I can say that each of them gave me a solid-gold woo hoo moment.

The first thanked me sincerely for the work I had done setting up the Connect Outsourcing model. He said it had transformed his practice. Woo hoo #1 went like this:

“I had lost control of my practice and it wasn’t producing anywhere near the profits it should have been making. I’m not used to losing and I was losing the battle with my practice. Outsourcing with Connect enabled me to transform my business. Now I’m winning and it feels so good. I can grow and get new clients knowing I have my compliance team sorted. I will increase my margin by 20% this year thanks to Connect.”

The other director, who is with a great accounting firm that is expanding fast, told me that now they can prospect for as many new clients as they want without worrying about growing their compliance team. Connect has the capacity to handle any amount of additional work. Woo hoo #2!

While some accounting firms are still umming and ahhing about the concept of outsourcing their compliance work, others are clicking their heels with joy because they’re on board with a life-changing innovation.

So, I have to ask you this question. Is your CA business suffering from ever-decreasing margins and stressful Financial Year End log jams? Yes? Then you need to turn your boo hoo moments into woo hoos by talking to us.