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As New Zealand’s most experienced outsourced accounting provider, we have developed a workflow process that’s easy and effective. On a daily basis our accountants deal with New Zealand tax law and reporting requirements, as well as the subtleties of New Zealand business operations.

We pride ourselves on making outsourcing straightforward and painless for all our clients.

Getting set up with outsourcing takes less time than you might think. The Connect offshore team has extensive experience in New Zealand taxation and accounting systems, so there’s really no training required.

We estimate that company directors will need to give only about 2 hours of their time to get everything in motion. Once we’ve begun the process, we’ll then require about 4 hours from a senior accountant in your team to fine-tune the process. After that you can sit back and relax while the work comes out as fast as you can load up jobs. We have successfully completed more than 100,000 financial statements and tax returns for New Zealand accountancy firms, and that number grows daily.

Connect Outsourcing

Collect client records and prepare job for outsourcing. Job is allocated to Connect Outsourcing by email.

Your Accounting Firm

Connect Outsourcing team receives job and begins work. Queries are emailed to your team.

Connect Outsourcing

If necessary, your team obtain further information from relevant client.

Your Accounting Firm

Work is completed and sent to Connect Outsourcing senior manager for checking, alongwith workpapers and supporting documents. When approved, outputs sent to your team.

Connect Outsourcing

Your team reviews the work. Revisions or adjustments are requested by email

Connect Outsourcing

Outputs are finalised and your team receives notification.

Your Accounting Firm

Your team present the work to client.

Getting started

On-boarding with Connect Outsourcing is a straightforward process.

It involves setting up remote access, appointing an ‘in-house champion’ within your team, running some pilot projects and fine-tuning systems until you’re entirely satisfied. First step is a face-to-face meeting with a New Zealand based consultant, who will get to know your practice, business objectives and challenges.

Our unrivalled experience with outsourcing for New Zealand accounting firms is your assurance that the changeover to compliance partnering will be well-managed, every step of the way.

See how the outsource process works

The Connect process has been developed over many years and not only reduces costs but also the time it takes to get jobs completed.

Meet some of the Remote team on a virtual tour

Connect operates a modern office in India and is proud of its work standards and training. As a preferential employer in the region Connect can attract the best staff.

Don’t just take our word for it

"The Connect team are all competent. They knew the correct processes and were able to meld the systems with our business. Some business re-engineering was required on our side, but I felt completely comfortable with the security systems because of the integrity of the New Zealand team. The Connect Outsourcing team are very capable and competent. I feel like they are my professional business partner." Read More >

Philip Morrison
Franchise Accountants