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Success stories

Bishop Toomey Pfeifer

We previously had two senior accountants managing our workload, so we have replaced a 160k wage cost with a 100k cost from using Connect.

Connect helped us to turn around jobs faster, review queries, and make our workload flow better.

With Connect’s help we realised that we had been doing a lot of our work for free.

We became aware of work that was considered either in scope or out of scope, which helped us change our terms to an agreed fee.

We will be able to bring on new clients and offer existing clients more of our services. Because of this we are now working on transitioning our in-house team to do some of the value-add work.

“I think it will very hard in the future to compete for compliance services utilising New Zealand-based resources. Outsourcing will be almost an essential option for compliance-based services in NZ.”

Franchise accountants

“The change to outsourcing is a business re-engineering process, which means unlearning and relearning. I believe you can’t make that change overnight.”

If you were describing their services to another accountant how would you describe them?

“Connect Accounting are very capable and competent and I feel like they are my professional business partner.”

Paul From Mac

“At the end of the day they Connect Accounting got my new business up and running without an operations cost.”

Outsourcing my compliance means I can drop my price a little while delivering more. I can do more regular reporting for clients and have more conversations with them about what they are doing in “real time” as opposed to once their tax year is over.

Compliance work is now more of a commodity and not the main game.

My staff are happy they don’t have to do all the compliance work. I have a local PA and five senior people who are all client-facing. They want more client time and more advisory time.

“If I wasn’t outsourcing, I would have to double the team and not have as many senior people.”

I think my clients have noticed the changes and are more engaged with us.

Outsourcing also takes away the staff-management and HR demands.

“It’s a completely different business model.”

Future of accounting-

I feel my business is where we need to be in terms of the next 5 years. I think it is possible compliance work may be done by itself in the next 10 years.

“Any accounting firm that focuses its services on just number-crunching will be less in demand. Value will be in interpreting the figures.”

New graduates will need client-facing skills. I can’t see why you would invest in training graduates for compliance when outsourcing makes so much more sense.

Read how Rotorua accounting firm Absolute Accounting got started with Connect Outsourcing in under 24 hours!

Maria’s story:

“I had been looking at outsourcing for a while but I was a little apprehensive about the quality of work that would be delivered.

When my key staff member took annual leave at the beginning of July all of a sudden 38 jobs came in. I realised that the workload couldn’t have been completed without her help, so that prompted me to give Connect Outsourcing a call.

Getting started with the Connect team was easy and we were able to get up and running within 24 hours.

I sent them 31 jobs to do, at the beginning of July and within the month 21 of them were already completed. With the help of Connect I was able to complete most of the unexpected workload with no staff!

I am now implementing an ongoing outsourcing relationship that will change my business model to be more efficient and effective.

Utilising the Connect Outsourcing team will mean my staff will get to manage the reviews, leaving me more time to focus on growing my business and spending more time with my clients. “

Maria Palmer CA / owner

Absolute Accounting

July 2017