Why choose us? | Connect Outsourcing

The Connect Outsourcing model vs outsourcing to the Philippines or Vietnam

Connect Outsourcing has provided outsourced accounting services since 2007. Over this time we’ve evolved and refined our outsourcing model to ensure it gives our customers the features that best meet their needs. It’s a proven model that's seen us successfully complete over 100,000 financial statements and tax returns for happy Kiwi accounting firms.

So what do we offer that sets us apart from the competition?

The Competition – BPO Outsourcing

Recruit overseas staff who work as your company employee

Business Process Outsourcing Model

  • Staff start at a graduate level, and will require your constant supervision and training
  • Staff require continual management with training and support just like a regular employee
  • Staff often require training in NZ tax systems
  • High staff turnover, with an average employment period of 2 years
  • You have to commit to paying offshore staff even if you run out of work for them
  • Staff want to work during Dec / Jan when it is quietest for NZ
  • No support team to help ensure the work is to standard
  • Costs are based on a 40 hour week – whether the staff are productive or not
  • Some support in hiring – but not in ongoing processes and when staff leave you have to go through the entire re-training process again!
Connect Outsourcing - A Team Based Model

Have a team of pre-trained and qualified staff on demand for your business ready to go from day one